Paris is the greatest city on earth – who would argue? Londoners and New Yorkers put up a fight, but in terms of architectural beauty, art history, gastronomy and sheer extravagance, it’s Paris that wins. And that is reflected in its visitors – there are more than any other city.

It’s more than the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre of course. Spending a few days in Paris can serve as a crash course in how to live. When you walk along the River Seine or take a seat in a corner café, it’s evident the finer things in life are appreciated. People don’t rush lunch. Children are doted upon. Hairdressers are always busy. And although you can’t take Paris with you, when you return home, that sense of pride will linger.

You can’t come to Paris and not indulge in culinary ecstasy. From light and flaky croissants in the morning to a rich slab of foie gras in the evening, Parisians love food. From the neighbourhood bistro to the Michelin-starred restaurant, dining out in Paris is a joy.

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