Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's colourful capital Kuala Lumpur is a beguiling mixture of old and new and is possessed of a remarkably harmonious atmosphere. This is due to the friendly mix of many ethnic groups that make up Kuala Lumpur's population; it's a distillation of modern Southeast Asian city life.

Turn one corner in Kuala Lumpur and you could be in the smartest part of Singapore, turn another and you are either transported into the Chinese hubbub of deepest Kowloon, or you find yourself beholding the ornate facade of a Hindu temple.

The speed of recent change in Kuala Lumpur has resulted in traditional Chinese and fading ex-colonial houses being flanked by gleaming skyscrapers, while hawkers and fortune tellers share the streets with besuited businessmen and often bewildered-looking tourists.

And therein, for the visitor, lies the charm of this richly rewarding city. 'KL' as it is locally known, offers an awesome range of experiences and is the gateway to a wonderfully diverse and bountiful country.

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