Shining skyscrapers towering above stunning Shinto shrines, and flashing neon lights bathing kimono-clad women: this is Tokyo and it’s a city that thrills.

Brash electronics jostle next to upscale boutiques, giggling schoolgirls doll up for cosplay and salarymen cram onto commuter trains. In Tokyo, you will find everything, from peace memorials, smoking incense and folded prayers, to skull-thumping arcade games and toilets with more settings than your mobile phone.

Dine in world-class restaurants, shop in the world’s largest fish market and taste the world’s best sushi. Duck into roadside cafés to slurp steaming noodles and hide out in bars sipping sake and shochu. Sleep on tatami mats, steam in volcanic onsens, belt out karaoke and gaze up at Mount Fuji.

Effortlessly blending the old and the new, Tokyo is a city with a history and a heart that captivates every visitor.

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